K-Cups… Take 2

A week ago, I transformed leftover k-cups from my Keurig coffee machine into seed starters. Well, a week has gone by and only this little guy has popped out of the ground:


Do you see him? All tiny and cute? Well, what’s definitely not cute is the mould growing on the edges of many of my seed starters, no doubt caused by the leftover coffee grounds on the k-cup paper filters:


Fascinating, but disgusting.

My advice

Remove the paper coffee filters in your k-cups if using them as seed starters. This article┬árecommends keeping the filters in. Unless you’re able to completely clean to coffee grounds out of the filter (good luck!), you might found things growing in your cup that you didn’t plant…

My solution

I’m keeping my first round of seed starters for another week to see how they do. I made a new batch of k-cup starters – sans filter – and will report back in a week!





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